Peter’s News Update

To all who visit, thank you for stopping on by.

Peter has been extremely busy with his performing show schedule, procuring new venues and spreading the sound and joy of music to all.

More recently, he’s been laying tracks for his upcoming cd which will feature his songwriting strength as told by Eve Marie, performing a heart wrenching song that speaks to all women and children who have been abused, both mentally and physically. The song “Without Him” sung by Ms. Marie, is strikingly poignant and compelling!

Musical genius, Marc Intravaia is producing the 4-song project and has been instrumental in the overall dynamics, shaping and crafting of the songs and sounds.

Several notable musical artists have been called in by Marc to lend their craft to the project. They are Rick Nash on bass, Larry Grano on drums, Kevin Esposito on trombone, Ms. Sharon Whyte on keys, and Marc Intravaia on guitars.

The project is being recorded at Jim Soldi’s recording studio dubbed “The Out House,” where Jim has blended his years of recording experience, wisdom and skills for many friends and legends, none other than Johnny Cash, for Jim was his lead guitar slinger for several years.

And mixing this entire project will be done by my friend, producer/engineer, Mr. Alan Sanderson, whose credits range as one of the best in the business. Alan has worked with The Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach, Michael Jackson, BB King and many, many other local, national and international recording artists; having just returned from Namibia and Brazil.

Alan has also been awarded a Grammy from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Peter’s recording project will also feature his songwriting and singing talents on “Sweet Dream Lullaby,” a song for children to be lulled to sleep with, along with a jazz tune, reminiscent of Louie Prima, called “On Call,” and a rocking tribute to all who say we’re “Past My Prime.”

So, thanks for stopping by, and get ready for some more music, Peter Seltser style…..

All the best,



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